Study Leave

Trainee doctors and dentists can apply for funded study leave. The Scotland Deanery operates a national process and system to ensure that all applications for study leave are considered on a fair, equitable, and consistent basis.

The process for study leave application is as follows:

Please note the following:
  • Trainees have a Notional Annual Allocation (NAA), and study leave will only be funded to this level. No matter what expenses are initially “approved” by the Deputy TPD; travel, accommodation and subsistence will be capped at the levels quoted in the Operational Guide
  • Expenses forms MUST be submitted within three months of the study leave being taken; however, any forms submitted after 31st March will automatically be reckoned against the following year’s NAA
  • The School does not support exam courses (aimed at written, OSCE or SOE) outside Scotland, unless a trainee is in extended time for failure to pass an exam
  • Applications for up to five days of private study leave for the Primary and the Final FRCA are acceptable (at the discretion of the service); however, please note this is “per exam as a whole” and not “per sitting” (e.g. if one week of private study leave is taken for the written Primary, no further private study leave will be approved for the OSCE/SOE and/or any further sittings)
  • When applying for a “multi-day” course (eg WOSSA Primary & Final FRCA Courses) please only submit one Turas application (with associated expenses) for the first day of the course. While we do not need a separate Turas request for every individual day, the service will still require the dates to be approved for local rota purposes.

Additional funding for presenting overseas
The training committee are able to provide some additional funding to support travel and accommodation for trainees who are presenting at meetings overseas.
Individuals are able to apply for funding of up to £350 twice during their training period.
To apply for funds, you should email Dr K Walker (Head of School) including a copy of letter of acceptance for presentation/poster and receipts for travel/accommodation.
Study leave for the meeting should still be requested for the meeting using the usual Turas process.

EDT Guidelines
EDT LOG (docx)