Post-FRCA Regional Teaching

WOSART Regional Teaching

WoSART Stage 3 teaching

WOSART Stage 3 teaching is protected teaching time for all non-page holders.
As such attendance is mandatory.
We do our best to publish the meeting dates as far in advance as possible so that study leave can be applied for prior to any leave books closing. Please remember to apply for study leave locally so that rota co-ordinators are aware of specific dates.
Unless otherwise stated, all meetings generally commence at 2pm.
All Stage 3 trainees should kindly email Dr Peter Paisley to be added to the Microsoft Team with specific details of meetings.
For the latest updates on Stage 3 Training please check NWoSART on Twitter
Meeting details will also be emailed from NES to your TURAS registered email address. Please ensure this is up to date.

WoS ICM Regional Teaching