Primary Teaching

WoS Anaesthetic Region(al) Teaching:
Stage 1 Teaching

Online "Teams" based programme of Stage 1 focused topics. Links will be sent by the NES/Deanery administrators, please keep your email on Turas up-to-date to ensure you receive these emails. Presentations will run from 12:00 to 13:30, usually on the last Wednesday of each month. (excluding December and July).
*Please apply for study leave on TURAS for these presentations*.
The proposed timetable is detailed below:

  • September Wednesday 28th - Pain (Gordon Stewart, FVRH)
  • October Wednesday 26th - Paediatric Anaesthesia (Susan McIlveney, RHC)
  • November Wednesday 30th - Neuro Anaesthesia (Nithin Roy, INS)
  • December HOLIDAYS β˜ƒβ„οΈπŸŽ„
  • January 2023 Wednesday 25th - Civility Saves Lives (Lyndsay Donaldson, GRI)
  • February 2023 Wednesday 22nd - Obstetric Anaesthesia (Rachel Darling, QEUH)
  • March 2023 Wednesday 29th - Safe guarding, ethics, consent/capacity - RAH
  • April 2023 Wednesday 19th - Vascular anaesthesia and Perioperative risk stratification - UHH
  • May 2023 Wednesday 31st - Regional Anaesthesia - GRI
  • June 2023 Wednesday 21st - CPEX - UHH
  • July HOLIDAY πŸ•ΆπŸ–
  • August 2023 Wednesday 30th - QI/Audit - GRI
  • September 23 - Wishaw - POM
  • October 23 - Monklands
  • November 23 - Ayr - BIS/EEG/TIVA
  • January 24 - Crosshouse - Stats/ Wellbeing/Med ED
  • February 24 QE – ARCP Masterclass
  • March-June 24 – Cardiac/Neuro/Paeds/Pain

WoS Anaesthetic Regional Teaching:
Primary FRCA SBA Exam Preparation Course

WoSART Primary FRCA MCQ Exam Prep Course: Online "Teams" based exam course for the Written component of the Primary FRCA. Interactive Tutorial format with focus on common difficult topics, exam technique and tricky questions. Principally aimed at trainees about to sit the exam, but open to all trainees. Please apply for the course fee and 3 days study leave with one application dated the first day of the course on the Turas study leave system .For further information email: Primary SBA FRCA Course

WoS Anaesthetic Regional Teaching:
Primary FRCA OSCE Course

WoSART Primary FRCA OSCE Course: Online simulation of exam questions in OSCE format. Spaces limited. To book a place please email Primary OSCE

WoS Anaesthetic Regional Teaching:
Primary FRCA SOE Course

WoSART Primary FRCA SOE Course: One-day in-person course designed to aid the preparation of candidates undertaking the FRCA Primary Viva.
The course runs three times a year, approximately 3-4 weeks prior to the exam, and aims to give candidates a realistic experience of the format and structure of the examination.
Practice is both formal, under exam conditions with a consultant and senior trainee faculty, and informal with questions provided. Candidate feedback is provided following each formal viva session. Spaces are limited and are offered on a first-come first serve basis.
For more information and to apply, please email