JET5 Whiteboard


JET5 Whiteboard is a free Web Application written for the QEU Hospital, Glasgow. It is a direct replacement for the typical Emergency Theatre Suite whiteboard. JET5 Whiteboard uses HTML5 LocalStorage for ALL Case information therefore...

NO Case information is sent to the JET5 Server AT ANY TIME

Use of the Whiteboard is straightforward, just follow the on-screen instructions. All cases must also be entered, as per local practice, into your hospital's Clinical Information System (CIS) - eg OPERA: the appropriate permanent repository for your clinical information. JET5 Whiteboard is stand-alone and does not (indeed cannot) interact with your Hospital CIS in any way.

Supported browsers: IE 9+, Any modern browser. Looks best in a standards-compliant browser.

How does it work?

When you visit JET5 Whiteboard in your browser, the framework code to display the page is loaded into your browser. This code checks that your browser can store and recall local data, if so then you are immediately up and running. The Whiteboard page acts as a window on your own local information, with controls to add or edit that information.

IN USE: a designated Emergency Theatre Coordinator should keep all the running case information on a sheet on a clipboard, and copy it from the sheet into the JET5 Whiteboard. Any important edits on Whiteboard are immediately copied to the clipboard. This means that in the event of hardware or software failure, you can continue to run your Emergency Theatres from the information on the Clipboard.

If you close the Whiteboard tab, or the browser, your Case Information remains on your computer to be displayed the next time you open Whiteboard. Should anyone open the Whiteboard Page from any OTHER computer, that computer CANNOT access your local information file: YOUR LOCAL INFORMATION IS SECURE.

How is this better than a spreadsheet?

It is true that Excel spreadsheets can incorporate chunks of Visual Basic code, and it is possible (with a fair bit of work) to come close to JET5 Whiteboard's functionality. But JET5's custom automatic allocation of cases, reordering of pending cases, simple customisability, and bulletproof dedicated interface cannot be easily replicated. Why do all the hard work when JET5 has done it for you?

Can my hospital use this?

Yes, this is a free resource your hospital can use. JET5 makes every effort to ensure that it is available 24/7, however JET5 cannot provide a guarantee of uptime nor of continued service, so please ensure that alternative arrangements are immediately available (a clipboard, simple spreadsheet, or a physical whiteboard). JET5 provides this free resource in good faith, but cannot be held liable for any consequences relating to its use. If you use JET5 Whiteboard you accept this proviso.

Who do we thank for this amazing resource?

JET5 Whiteboard was created, is hosted, and is maintained by JET5. For further information, and to contact JET5, visit the JET5 Website.