Integrated IT for Clinical Staff

About JET5


JET5 is a comprehensive on-line fully-hosted solution for anaesthetic, and other clinical hospital departments. It has a rich and comprehensive feature set. The integrated modules have varying geographical scope: national; regional school; hospital / employer; and local clinical service.

Why JET5?

JET5 integrates in real-time Staff Contracts, Rotations, Jobplans and Leave with the Daily Roster and Monthly On-call Rotas. This complex system was not trivial to implement, and involves some particularly tricky date-arithmetic, but provides a single system that is is a significant time-saver and completely eliminates data-transcription errors.

Trainees have a School-wide scope and are managed by the College Tutors. Other staff have individual hospital scope and are managed by the Rotamaster(s) and Department Secretaries.


Windows Executable
2006-2008 WIG/GGH2009-2012 Vic/SGH2012-2014 version 1.5
  • MS Access database
  • Windows Executable (Borland Delphi)
LAMP Stack
2015-2016 QEUH2017-2018 Monklands2019- Hairmyres
  • Apache Web Server, MySQL / MariaDB
  • bespoke PHP & JS

Feature Set

These functions have been running successfully at the QEUH in Glasgow - one of the largest hospitals in the UK - since the hospital opened for business in June 2015. West of Scotland trainees now have their monthly Rotations managed within Jet5, and this information automatically fills the daily Rotas in participating hospitals in real-time.


Jet5 is hosted by CWCS on servers in the UK. Multiple on and off-site full backups are maintained and tested regularly. End to end encryption (https) is implemented on all Jet5 webpages.


To give a flavour of Jet5, here are a selection of screenshots. These are mostly self-explanatory and show the thought that has gone into the interface. Jet5 is is a continuous state of development, and the developers take pride in being responsive to their users and are active in the integrated forums.


Booking Leave
Book yourself on a local course with 1-click
Clinical Info: a wiki linked to the Document Library
Support and Discussion Furums
Daily List Allocations and On-Call
Staffing a Single Session: full information at your fingertips
Per-hospital Public Holidays
On-call rotas and shifts: live stats as you edit
1-click editing for Shift Allocation
Trainee Monthly Rotations (1st Weds of the Month based)
Staff List
Trainee Allocations by Rotation (A Pivot Table)
A Document Library
Job Planning
Theatres: one of the many custom editors in Jet5
The ability to group staff to Rotas
Staff Contracts
College Tutor Landing Page
Trainee Rotations
Individual Trainee Rotation Editor (shows an entire career)
Some of the Stats from the System
Each Staff Member has a Comprehensive Staffcard
An esay-to-use personal messaging system with alerts (allows you to message users in any Jet5 hospital)