Alan Hope, 15 Mar 2023



During this period JET5 provided a full-featured anaesthetic department rostering system, initially at the Western Infirmary in Glasgow, rolled out to the Southern General Hospital, and Victoria Infirmary, then finally comprehensively revised for the new Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and other hospitals in the West of Scotland (WoS). By 2015 this included all WoS trainee rotations.

The software was called JET5 Rota and latterly provided daily rotas with integrated leave, jobplans, and specialty rotations for 40% of the anaesthetists in the West of Scotland. JET5 became the name of the company (JET5 Ltd) and, including our technical partners, there were 5 of us involved. We remain very proud of the service we provided over these years.

In 2022 GG&C anaesthesia rostering was put out to tender for the first time. After 2 procurement processes the contract was awarded to a widely-used bare-bones rota system and JET5's involvement with daily rotas came to an end. JET5 continues to provide specialised IT support for WoS trainee rotations.

2022 to date


JET5 hosts and maintains several West of Scotland anaesthesia websites including WOSSA (the School of Anaesthesia). We have now (buzzword alert) diversified—or more accurately rekindled some earlier interests. These include AI and an on-line high-fidelity major-incident simulation-game. Watch this space!