2018, ASM, Cardiff

Day 1

Mon 14 May 2018

  • 0830 Registration
  • 0900-1020
    SESSION 1: Stepping Out Of The Theatre Box (3J03)
    Chair: Dr Michael Lim
  • Dr Danielle Huckle
    Lessons From The Past
  • Dr Michael Lim
    Understanding complex dynamic systems
  • 1020 Refreshments and Trade Exhibition
  • 1040-1155
    SESSION 2: Collaborating for Research (3J03)
    Chair: Dr Andrew Norton
  • Dr Neeraj Saxena
    Working with imaging scientists on fMRI
  • Dr Tamas Szakmany
    Developing a sepsis biomarker panel
  • Dr B Sharif
    Mobile Data Capture for Audit & Research
  • 1225 Lunch and Trade Exhibition
  • 1330-1430
    SESSION 3: Technology for Teaching and Safety (3J02)
    Chair: Dr Grant Forrest
  • Dr Mike Oliver
    Teaching through video feedback
  • Dr M Stacey
    Wearables and staff stress
  • 1430-1515
    SESSION 4: "Big Data" and its relevance to Anesthesia
  • Professor Kai Kuck, Guest Speaker
    Director of Bioengineering at University of Utah, President of the Society for Technology in Anesthesia
  • 1515 Refreshment and Trade Exhibition
  • 1535-1730
    SESSION 5: Free paper presentations (3J03)
    Chair: Dr Alan Hope
  • 1730 Drinks Reception Sponsored by BCS Health & Care Wales
  • 1900 Dinner at The Exchange Hotel Grand Hall

Day 2

Tue 15 May 2018

  • 0830 Registration
  • 0900-1045
    SESSION 6: Welsh IT frameworks (3J01)
    Chair: Mr J Meredith
  • Mr Andrew Griffiths
    Overview of Wales' National Architecture
  • Mr John Meredith
    Interoperababble and The Great Interoperability Crisis
  • Mr Adrian Stavert-Dobson
    Mandatory safety standards for health IT systems and apps as drivers of success
  • 1045 Refreshments and Trade Exhibition
  • 1105-1235
    SESSION 7: Clinically oriented data (3J01)
    Chair: Dr Yat Li
  • Mr Raman Behl
    Requirements and standards with clinical insight
  • Mr Geoff Norton
    Turning software into delivery
  • Mr Gareth John
    Data Visualisation
  • 1235 Lunch and Trade Exhibition
  • 1330-1530
    SESSION 8: Perioperative data (1G01)
    Chair: Dr Craig Johnstone
  • Mr Stephen Shering
    Theatre, EMR and Sharing Information
  • Mr Alexander Davey
    EMR and eObs for paperless perioperative care
  • Dr Phil Coles
    Swansea's electronic pre-operative assessment system
  • Mr David Rose
    E-Prescribing in the ITU
  • 1530 Refreshment and Trade Exhibition
  • 1550-1630
    SESSION 9: Guest Speaker
  • Biauw Chi Ong, Senior Consultant at Singapore Health
    How Electronic Preop and Intraop records gives big data for Risk Prediction and Improvement of Patient Care
  • 1630 Announcement of Prizes and Meeting Close