Integrated IT for Clinical Staff


The "General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)" is an EU Regulation designed to protect users from Information Holders abusing their personal data by monetising it without their consent. GDPR also requires Information Controllers to provide an individual user with access to all personal information held, together with the "right to forget" where that information no longer serves a valid purpose. JET5 complies with this regulation. By using JET5 you permit your employer to hold basic employment-related information about you in order to run a Clinical Service. You can view this information on your Personal Profile, Leave, Job-plans, Monthly Rotations and Weekly Rota pages within JET5.

JET5 does not share personal data with any 3rd parties and carries no advertising. All personal data is protected by an industry-standard password and permissions-based access- control system. End-to-end encryption (https) is used on all JET5 webpages. JET5 holds your data solely in order to allow your employer to manage the rota and rotations, and to provide you with useful information relating to your employment.

Access to subsets of your data is provided on a need-to-know basis to rotamasters, tutors, and admin staff for the purposes of generating rotas, monitoring the service, and ensuring balanced and effective training. Users in other hospitals are unable to access your personal data. Clinical service metrics are made available to staff with Management Permissions to allow them to assess and monitor the effectiveness of service provision, and to plan Service Development.

Privacy Policy

JET5 reserves the right to show anonymous versions of users' information for the purpose of demonstration screens, training, and as part of presentations where JET5 is demonstrated to potential new users.

Cookie Policy

Some JET5 websites use cookies (small pieces of text information stored on your computer).

These are not used for advertising, nor for collecting data, nor for tracking users, but are used when required for the following purposes:

JET5 cookies are therefore exempt from the EU requirement for prior informed consent.