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Clinical and Educational Supervisors
Clinical Supervisors

Trainers who oversee a specific trainee's clinical work and provide constructive feedback during a training placement. Consultants and Higher/Advanced trainees (ST5-7) can use WPBAs only if they have received the appropriate training at an approved course. CUT forms can be signed off by any Consultant Clinical Supervisor".

Educational Supervisors

Each trainee has a nominated educational supervisor (ES) to oversee their learning. The ES ensures that a trainee is making the necessary clinical and educational progress.


Before you start

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Initial Requirements
You must ...

Basic Training

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CT 1-2 and ACCS
A modular training programme

You will achieve Core Clinical Outcomes and pass the Primary FRCA Examination.

ACCS training comprises a 2-year common training programme, then a 3rd year in one of the following:

Intermediate Training

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You will achieve Core Clinical Outcomes for the 7 Essential Units of Training and pass the Final FRCA Examination

Higher Training

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Higher training allows you to develop your own specialist area.

Advanced Training

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Advanced training allows you to further develop your own specialist area.